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These 10 values absolutely changed my business life. Transactions became transformational, and customers/clients, turned into success stories rather than sales.  My time was spend making great choices based on my values, rather than decisions based on the emotion I felt in the moment.  My employees became a part of my company and would stay with us longer.  Sales grew 20%-30%-40%!!!

Here are the 10 values. For more information and to learn how I used these in my business, read my book at  

 FAMILY – is those who live in my home before all others. I extend my family to those we love and know or even grew up with if they choose to respect us and our values. My family is my most valued possession they are the mirror of my soul. 

 HARD WORK – The key ingredient to my success is my willingness to work hard. I will not be passed up by someone who is willing to work harder than me. I will make my story a story of success because I took the opportunity to shape my life the way I chose it through relentless effort and hard work. What I lack in talent and smarts I will make up for with wisdom and hard work.

 BRAVERY- Run don’t walk to adversity. I will always be ready to try something new, ready for a new challenge with purposeful risk. My heart tells me I will be ok through failure and success. I am naturally brave it was born in my soul, I will BE BEING brave.

WISDOM- I have lived a lot of life. I have not forgotten what I have learned through my success and failures, each experience has taught me something about winning. I believe I am called to offer a helping hand to those who seek it, I want to serve wisely and with confidence with an ora about me of warmth.

 FRIENDSHIP- I Choose to be a better friend. I will BE values that create lasting friendships like caring, trustworthy, love, and dependability. I believe I need to purposefully invest some of my time to being a great friend.

 POSITIVE- I choose to live confident and positive. I recognize that I have been my own worst enemy at times for many reasons. I will no longer get lost in my story or in the story of others. I choose to BE positive even when my emotions or life’s circumstances would suggest differently. I choose to give up fear, I choose to BE BEING positive.

TRUSTWORTHY- I will look back only to remember how far I have come. Because of the transformations in my life I am reliable man. The foundation of my transformation is my ability to maintain, monitor, and adjust my vocabulary and actions to continue to be reliable. I will show up, I will work hard, I will remember.

 FREE- I choose to live free and with purpose. I will protect my heart and my freedom. I have freely chosen my values and I have freely set my goals and objectives. I recognize that the failures of my past were in large part because I chose to stay trapped by my fears, guilt and bad history. I know better now, I am free, I will freely chase my dreams. I am transformed.

BLESSED- I will BE BEING Happy! I choose to be happy before any other emotion. I am human, I get bogged down, the path back to a day and life with purpose is to remember my many blessings and do the mental work to get back to BE BEING Happy.

SURE- I really am what you see, I am genuine. I will not try to pretend or be anybody other than me. I have connected my brain with my heart and I like my heart. I am sure that my intentions are good. I am sure that I will fix the mistakes I will make. I am sure I can live, decide and choose based on my values. I am sure my emotions will not control me. I am sure I will daily face adversity and I am sure I will continue to face it head on. Others will not always be sure about me and I like it that way. I am transformed, I am sure about me.