Ron Worley is a man of many passions and ambitions, but above all, is a hopeful man who lives by his code.

Born in McPherson, Kansas to parents battling drug addiction, Worley was forced to care for himself and his siblings at a young age. Introduced to drugs at the age of two, Worley witnessed the horrors of addiction early on. Although sports provided temporary stability from turbulent home life, Worley developed his own struggle with addiction. Years later unemployment, divorce and three DUIs left Worley at rock bottom. With a choice between death and sobriety, Worley became sober at 30 years old. 

After meeting his wife, Erin, running a successful business together and raising his children, Worley was still missing a sense of purpose. Worley was introduced to Jim Hensel the creator of Mayhem Mindset, a process designed to create your own personal philosophy by defining yourself, organizing your core values and writing your own code. With Jim’s guidance, Worley worked through the Mayhem Mindset process and created his own code. Learning to make decisions based on his values has given Worley the tools to create lasting purpose in his life and connect his strongest beliefs to his business acumen. Worley recently survived heart failure, an experience that has given him a renewed gratitude for life. Worley is committed to sharing his journey in the hopes of encouraging others in life and business.